jQuery-Validation-Engine 免JS的驗證方式

jQuery validation engine is a Javascript plugin aimed at the validation of form fields in the browser (IE 6-8, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera 10). The plugin provides visually appealing prompts that grab user attention on the subject matter.

Validations range from email, phone, and URL, to more complex calls such as ajax processing or custom javascript functions. Bundled with many locales, the error prompts can be translated into the language of your choice.


JSON Editor takes a JSON Schema and uses it to generate an HTML form.
It has full support for JSON Schema version 3 and 4 and can integrate with several popular CSS frameworks (bootstrap, foundation, and jQueryUI).

Facebook Messenger 行銷


現在你到 CNN 的網站,底部會有個按鈕「發送到 Messenger」

點擊後,你的手機會彈出 Facebook Messenger App

可以看到,CNN 預先設定好選項。例如當我點選「熱門新聞」(Top Stories)便會即時顯示輪播式新聞圖片。點擊圖片,會看到該則新聞詳情。這只是 Bots 的其中一個使用例子。

Bootstrap 4 中文說明

世界上最受歡迎的框架用於建立響應式、行動優先的網站,透過 Bootstrap CDN 和範本初學頁面開始吧!